Healer - Clairvoyant - Spiritual Teacher 

MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology - Author


Psychic Protection

This workshop is about psychic protection and how psychic protection can help you

stay centered and grounded even in the midst of chaos.

We live in a world of energy and we are constantly affected by the energy of the people we interact with and the people we encounter. This means

that it is very important to know how to set boundaries and how to protect your energy, especially if you are an empath or sensitive to the energies

of others, as this protects you from feeling drained, tired or too influenced by others and it also protects you from psychic attacks. This is why

knowledge about psycic protection can help you stay centered in your own energy and stand peaceful and calm in your personal space.

During this workshop we will be working with psychic protection in different ways:

You will learn about psychic protection and how to work with smudging and crystals as well as different spiritual tools when you encounter dense,

heavy or negative energies. We will talk about the elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth and which archangels are associated with each of these elements.


We will receive healing from archangel Michael and you will learn to connect with this archangel and work with various practical exercises including training how to shield from negative energies using psychic shields and other techniques. We will also work with different methods to clear negative


We will work with archangel Michael and archangel Metatron and you will learn to use some very powerful exercises that will help you to

stand firmly and protected in your own energy and are easy to combine with your current spiritual practise.