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Kundalini & Ascension 3

This Workshop  is about Kundalini and Ascension and the later stages of the process

including dealing with the Shadow also known as the Guardian of the Threshold.

This workshop is a continuation of Kundalini & Ascension 1 and 2 and we will be going deeper with the clearing and healing work and we will

learn about the Shadow/the Guardian of the Threshold.

At this point we have discussed the earlier stages of the kundalini rising and ascension process and as each previous workshop has prepared 

us for going deeper we will now be clearing and healing deep energy blocks in the energy system. We will finish this last day of this series of

workshops with a very deep clearing and healing which will really boost your personal process and remove a lot of the things that may be

holding you back. 

The Shadow/the Guardian of the Threshold is the sum of all our negative or unhealed aspects that we have to deal with during our spiritual

journey. Many people fear this part of the journey as they do not realize that it wil show us all the places where we still have to heal and the

lessons we still need to learn. So, even if this part of the journey may seem darker, as we work through our own darkness and the denser

energies that are part of this, it is also the last part of the journey leading towards the Light.

You will learn about the Shadown/Guardian of the Threshold: what it is, where it comes from, what its task is and how you can work with it

to overcome it on your personal spiritual journey to make this as smooth as possible. The knowledge and the work we will be discussing and

working with will also help you overcome this process faster.

This is the last part of the Kundalini & Ascension workshop series after which you will be very well equipped to go through your personal spiritual processes. You will have some much needed knowledge about the entire journey and what you may expect and you will have received some very deep clearing and healing as well as gained some solid spiritual healing tools to work with in your personal practise.

All of this is designed to help you during your personal spiritual journey.


This series of three workshops contain deep levels of spiritual teachings, clearing and healing. Each time we meet you will receive

clearing and healing and learn about the kundalini rising and ascension process at deeper levels.