Healer - Clairvoyant - Spiritual Teacher 

MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology - Author


Kundalini & Ascension 2

This Workshop  is about Kundalini and Ascension and what happens later in the process

and also about the spiritual initiations that are part of this spiritual journey. 

This workshop is a continuation of Kundalini 1, but we are going deeper as we will be working with a deeper understanding of the Kundalini

energy and the ascension process and we will be working with very deep clearing and healing of blocks in the energy system.

Most spiritual paths include a number of initiations and this is also the case during the kundalini rising and ascension process. This knowledge

was part of the ancient mystery schools and it is still very relevant today. We will work with deeper layers of spiritual teachings and talk about

these spiritual initiations, how this knowledge can be applied to your personal situation and how this may affect your personal spiritual journey

and your everyday life.

Some of these initiations will be experienced as part of our everyday life, as we face different challenges, but some will take place during sleep

or on the more subtle planes.

The clearing and healing we do during this workshop will be deeper than what we experienced in the first workshop and this is leading up to 

an even deeper clearing and healing on the third workshop.

We will work with spiritual tools that can be applied to your existing practice so you can continue to work with these after the workshop.

This series of three workshops contain deep levels of spiritual teachings, clearing and healing. Each time we meet you will receive

clearing and healing and learn about the kundalini rising and ascension process at deeper levels.