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Kundalini & Ascension 1

This Workshop  is about Kundalini and Ascension and what happens

when the Kundalini fire is activated and how this may affect you. 

We live in a time where more and more people experience a rising of the Kundalini energy as part of their spiritual awakening and ascension

process. This workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about Kundalini and how to navigate your personal spiritual journey.

Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "coiled up" which refers to the divine energy located at the base of the spine. This is  also known

as the Serpent Fire and when the kundalini rises it activates a comprehensive clearing and healing process which can be very difficult to handle.


This may cause a variety of reactions as both the body and the entire energy system is trying to purge a lot of old emotional blocks and dense

energy as fast as possible. As a result you may experience different reactions from the body and the energy system, some of which are shown


Very intense root chakra activation - Hot or cold streams of energy moving through the body or along the spine - Energy bubbles moving from

the feet to the root chakra - Increase in spiritual experiences such as seeing, feeling, hearing or otherwise sensing the spirit world.

Please note that these examples are not a complete list and they are for informational purposes only. Further examples will be

discussed during the workshop.

During this workshop you will learn about the kundalini energy, how it works and what to expect during a kundalini rising. We will work to create

awareness of where you are on your personal spiritual journey and we will work with different exercises and techniques to remove blocks in your

energy system and chakras to facilitate a smoother spiritual process during your kundalini rising and your ascension process.

We will also work with spiritual tools that can be easily applied to your own situation and help you on your personal spiritual journey.

This series of three workshops contain deep levels of spiritual teachings, clearing and healing. Each time we meet you will receive

clearing and healing and learn about the kundalini rising and ascension process at deeper levels.