Healer - Clairvoyant - Spiritual Teacher 

MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology - Author


Healing Sound

This workshop is about healing sound and how working with sound and intention in a conscious way

can be used to heal, clear and transform in many areas of your life.

Sound is a creative force that has been known since the beginning of time. It is used all over the world in many spiritual communities and groups

as well as in ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Egypt and because it is a creative force it can be used in many forms of energy work,

including healing.

In this workshop we are going to work with sound in different ways. You will learn how to work with sound and sound healing in your daily life

and how you can easily add this to your daily routine. You will learn how to set an intention, how to clear energies and how to do chakra healing

using sound. 

We will also work with sound healing and sound scanning and how to use different methods and exercises with sound. We will be working both individually and in small groups to ensure that you have the opportunity to try out different approaches to sound healing during the day.