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Heal your Karma

This workshop is about karma and how you can heal and transform your personal karma by working

with awareness and energies. You will also receive a deep clearing and healing of negative karma.

The word karma is a Sanskrit word that means "action" and it refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect so karma is the consequence, or the result of, our actions from our current life as well as from past lives/timelines. So, basically karma is also about learning processes.

Learn about karma and the difference between personal karma and group karma, or collective karma, and how this may affect you.

Each individual has their own personal karma which is often about learning processes, but as we have also had past lives/timelines where we have been part of different groups, such as families etc. we often have collective karma, or group karma, influencing our individual karma.

These types of karma can affect your relationships with family members, partners, colleques, etc. which is often the case when we notice recurring negative emotional or psychological patterns in our lives or in our relationships.

During this workshop we will work with the healing of our personal karmic relationships and you will gain a deeper understanding of how karma may affect your life.

You will also learn to work with different spiritual tools such as forgiveness and other in-depth healing methods to transform and transcend previous limitations and negative karma.