Healer - Clairvoyant - Spiritual Teacher 

MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology - Author


I was born in Skagen, the most Northern part of Denmark, where the two seas Kattegat and

Skagerrak meet. During my childhood my family moved to the Faroe Islands, which is a group

of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, with steep cliffs and surrounded by the wild sea. I moved

back to Skagen after a couple of years and have since then lived in many different parts of the

country. Now I am back in the Northern part of Denmark and near the sea which I love.

I was born aware and had conscious spiritual awareness from birth. Like many other therapists I have experienced a lot of adversity and many

shifts in my life and I am constantly learning and evolving. At 35 I had a Kundalini awakening which started my spiritual journey and it took me

11 years to work through the many challenges that are part of this experience. Since then I have specialised in helping clients with kundalini and ascension related issues. However, I also work with more general problems such as anxiety, grief, fear, phobias, trauma, etc. 

I have worked as a teacher and I hold an MA (ed.) in Educational Psychology (2004). I have worked with clients and held workshops since 1998. Author of the book: "Noeglen til Forloesning", about kundalini & ascension. The book is published in Danish and I am currently working on an English version.